skinny triangle

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  • Applications of the skinny triangle occur in any situation where the distance to a far object is to be determined.
  • The skinny triangle is frequently used in astronomy to measure the distance to solar system objects.
  • The proof of the skinny triangle solution follows from the small-angle approximation by applying the law of sines.
  • However, this distance is still short compared to the distance to the object being measured (the height of the triangle) and the skinny triangle solution can be applied and still achieve great accuracy.
  • The same method of measuring parallax angles and applying the skinny triangle can be used to measure the distances to stars; at least the nearer ones.
  • The skinny triangle finds uses in surveying, astronomy and shooting.
  • The skinny triangle is useful in gunnery in that it allows a relationship to be calculated between the range and size of the target without the shooter needing to compute or look up any trigonometric functions.