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  • He set about making out a case for himself as skillfully as he could. Cited from The Big-Town Round-Up, by William MacLeod Raine
  • They are always to be found in the best and most skillfully-managed schools. Cited from The Teacher, by Jacob Abbott
  • You have to make a movie like that pretty skillfully before I care.
  • Financial success was never his main goal, yet he achieved it skillfully.
  • This gun has been restored, though so skillfully as to pass for original condition. Cited from Catalogue of Early Pennsylvania and Other Firearms, Henry W. Shoemaker
  • He also possessed a fine musical voice, which he could skillfully command.
  • Are the parts skillfully related to one another and to the whole? Cited from Selections From Poe, by J. Montgomery Gambrill
  • Even in their wrecked condition we could see how skillfully they had been constructed. Cited from Kitchener's Mob, by James Norman Hall
  • How gentle and kind they were to her; and how skillfully they did everything for her! Cited from Love's Pilgrimage, by Upton Sinclair
  • I had also given great attention to music, and could have taught it as skillfully as our musical professor. Cited from Lizzy Glenn, by T.S. Arthur
  • She had skillfully been laying her lines and building her military machine for more than forty years. Cited from History of the American Negro in the Great World War, by Sweeney
  • I acquired it before reaching the first station on my ride, and could use it very skillfully. Cited from Overland through Asia (Illustrated), by Thomas Wallace Knox
  • He conducted the sale of himself very skillfully, but I meant to put him off. Cited from Certain Success, by Norval A. Hawkins
  • These houses were very skillfully built in order to keep the interior dry and comfortable.
  • We can then concentrate on learning a new action while performing previously learned actions skillfully.
  • It is a two-story brick building on a tall, skillfully-constructed stone foundation.
  • Right skillfully, as if they were veterans, did they hold their place. Cited from In the Court of King Arthur, by Samuel Lowe
  • And he himself, sitting upon a very large horse, began to dance under arms skillfully between the two armies.
  • Fire alone will not stop a determined, skillfully conducted attack. Cited from Infantry Drill Regulations, United States Army, 1911, by War Department
  • It was so skillfully done that many believe the park and road are set on a natural slope.
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Meaning of skillfully

  • adverb With skill
    fragments of a nearly complete jug, skillfully restored at the institute of archaeology