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  • He has been the chief editor ever since and the newspaper itself has sizable audience.
  • The west does have a sizable black population in certain areas, however.
  • The area by then had developed into a sizable commercial port.
  • Ten percent of three and a half million is a sizable number.
  • The fourth of ten children, he nevertheless inherited a sizable amount of money.
  • After a few generations, a family could build up a sizable estate.
  • A number of sizable religious groups have had no justices appointed from their group.
  • The nearest sizable town is Bishop, an hour by car over a mountain pass.
  • The area is primarily residential with little or no industrial or sizable service businesses.
  • Originally, most shops were owned by Indians, who still form a sizable part of the population.
  • Nearly every sizable town had such instruments of public humiliation, usually at the town square.
  • A sizable portion of mates still working received their licenses before current laws went into effect.
  • The show played directly to children but attracted a sizable adult audience.
  • He had also built a sizable and solid fan base, many of whom remained loyal throughout his career.
  • Does the company have products or services with sufficient market potential to make possible a sizable increase in sales for at least several years?
  • Many, especially among the first generation, were slaves, but there were sizable free-Black communities.
  • The majority of these are first-year students, though there is a sizable population of upper-year students who live in residence as well.
  • The band has developed a sizable live following especially in the Mountain States of the United States.
  • The city has a sizable, established Lebanese population with a long history in local business and government.
  • A sizable current account deficit and very high unemployment rate remain the two most serious economic problems.
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