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  • The broadcast media has been singled out due to its historical reach and influence.
  • Trains that do that are singled out by being eight rather than six cars long.
  • When she is singled out to come forward, she runs away.
  • He subsequently singled for his first major league hit in his first at bat.
  • He singled out the game's writing, characters and plot structure as its best elements.
  • Certain episodes have frequently been singled out by critics as the show's best.
  • What is produced can come in many forms and is not specifically singled out in a subject or area.
  • There is no easy way of seeing that someone was special, singled out.
  • Teachers increasingly began to feel singled out for bad treatment by the city.
  • This is now the main line, as the original route to has been singled and reduced to secondary status.
  • The work singled him out as an influential figure in 19th century drama.
  • He singled out the level editor as one of the deepest he had ever seen.
  • The line was originally double track but was later singled.
  • The following year he was singled out for particular praise for his performances in the promotion-winning team.
  • Hornsby singled to right field and advanced to second base on the following play.
  • The school was not singled out to receive either special measures or a notice to improve.
  • There is no evidence that Cho singled either out during the attack or even knew them.
  • He swung at the first ball and singled to right field for the first hit of the series.
  • Critics have singled out the sixth and final season as the worst of the series.
  • Here, religion is singled out as fair game for expression and criticism alike.
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Root form of singled is single for the verb.

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Meaning of singled

  • verb Hit a single
    the batter singled to left field