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  • This is important because much research has been done with single-subject research designs.
  • It is a special case of single-subject research.
  • The daily meetings of the board were almost entirely occupied by this single subject. Cited from Rise of the Dutch Republic, 1570-72 by Motley
  • The one-year program is often focused exclusively on a single subject-area.
  • These lines amount to about a hundred different supplications on a single subject.
  • The range of single-subject courses which are offered varies from term to term.
  • Meta-analysis can be done with single-subject design as well as group research designs.
  • The key to the whole system is thus the unit course of three months' instruction in a single subject. Cited from History Of University Education In Maryland, Bernard Christian Steiner
  • However, in single-subject designs, these decisions are often made as the data are collected.
  • There is no advice of any sort given to men except on the single subject of choosing a wife. Cited from The Spinster Book, by Myrtle Reed
  • GTP students normally train in a single subject in which they must have a degree.
  • Study programmes may be in single-subject or double-subject form, some are available in either single-subject or double-subject form.
  • Single subject studies is also preferred in cases where the invidual differences are small.
  • And unquestionably there was progress, but it was only progress upon a single subject. Cited from Physics and Politics, by Walter Bagehot
  • A JACS code for a single subject consists of a letter and three numbers.
  • This documentary illustrated the unique interpretation that each artist can bring to a single subject matter.
  • Instead of one teacher, they had a dozen at least, few of whom gave instruction in more than a single subject. Cited from The Soul of a Child, by Edwin Bjorkman
  • The new format concentrates the whole magazine on a single subject.
  • In interpreting, the general strategy of all single-subject research is to use the subject as their own control.
  • Each issue of the new magazine would focus on a single subject such as home design, travel, food or weddings.
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