sing backup vocals

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  • While visiting her mother in southern California, she caught the attention of a producer, who asked her to sing backup vocals for a project that he was working on.
  • They enlisted the help of long-time friend Sean Gasperetti to play guitar and sing backup vocals.
  • All of the finalists had an opportunity to sing backup vocals for two of Giraud's songs.
  • Simon's then-husband, James Taylor, and their daughter, Sally Taylor, sing backup vocals.
  • A young Nicole Scherzinger put her studies at Wright State University on hold to sing backup vocals for Green.
  • Anthony did not participate in the writing or play bass on the new songs and was not credited on the album for the new material (Anthony did sing backup vocals on all three tracks).
  • The Muses also sing backup vocals for the song "I Won't Say (I'm in Love)".
  • Graham Nash and David Crosby sing backup vocals on the song.
  • Eddie also left and was replaced by his Suddenly October bandmate, Kevin Bard, who was recruited to play guitar and sing backup vocals.
  • The group decided to move towards a more aggressive sound, and recruited singer Josh Gurganus to replace Bennis, leaving him to play bass and sing backup vocals.
  • In 1970 she was hired to sing backup vocals for Elvis Presley, both in the studio and on stage, where he would introduce her as "the little girl with the beautiful high voice."
  • The two musicians met up in a hotel bar in Dublin and soon Bonamassa floated the idea, which Hart accepted immediately, although she was at first under the impression that he was asking her to sing backup vocals on his next album.
  • Following the 1977 recording Let There Be Rock, bassist Mark Evans was sacked; purportedly to find someone who could sing backup vocals.
  • She was featured in Fast Folk magazine, and in 1987, producer Steve Addabbo hired her to sing backup vocals on the song "Luka" by Suzanne Vega.
  • The season's fourth episode featured rehearsals and the addition of a new member, Lucy Walsh, to her band to sing backup vocals and play keyboards, as well as a performance of "La La" on TRL (November 18, 2004).
  • In 2001, King Diamond worked out a deal with the band Usurper to sing backup vocals on the song "Necronemesis" in exchange for them shifting their recording schedule around to accommodate the recording of Abigail II: The Revenge.
  • Kathy rose to stardom in 1960, when producer, Jim Lee, of Indigo Records chose Sun Valley-based band, The Innocents to sing backup vocals for her on a cover version of The Rivileers' 1954 recording of "A Thousand Stars".