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  • The singer re-entered and sang the same words through a second time.
  • A group will sing almost every day, up to seven times daily.
  • What kind of songs would they be giving me to sing?
  • But all of us shared the desire to play the songs we were singing.
  • Most of his main characters in all three shows sang songs at one time or another.
  • Despite the loss of her singing voice, she kept busy with many projects.
  • Many young people are now learning to sing in the traditional style.
  • But it finally got to the point where I had no place to sing.
  • All the schools were forced to sing the version of the song.
  • Although she sang for several more years, her career did not progress.
  • Songs were sung to children who passed them on to their children.
  • He could sing, he could dance, he could play, he could act.
  • During the quarter-century life of the series, he also sang its theme songs.
  • Plant gained an interest in singing and rock and roll music at an early age.
  • I always felt I heard her saying something -- it was never just singing notes.
  • Singing on the show gave the brothers their first exposure to the music industry.
  • She sang the role a total of eight times that season.
  • The band determined early on that they would not sing in English.
  • Smith came from a musical family - his father sang and his mother played the piano.
  • One of the fine contributions of this family to the community was their singing.
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Meaning of sing

  • verb Deliver by singing
    Sing Christmas carols
  • verb Produce tones with the voice
    She was singing while she was cooking, My brother sings very well
  • verb To make melodious sounds
    The nightingale was singing