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  • Info Simulcast, a portmanteau of simultaneous broadcast, is the broadcasting of programs or events across more than one medium, or more than one service on the same medium, at exactly the same time. more...
  • This continued until the late 1980s, when it became a full-time simulcast.
  • This continued until the late 1980s, when it became a full-time simulcast.
  • The special was simulcast on all TV and most island radio stations.
  • In its early years, it primarily simulcast its sister station, WHO-AM.
  • In addition, he stated that the show may be simulcast on satellite radio in the future.
  • Within about two years, the simulcast in New York City was gone.
  • The questions covered music as well as sport and the programme was simulcast on both radio stations.
  • The audio portion of the channel is a simulcast of their radio station.
  • The station also began to simulcast audio via the local cable television system into homes in the area.
  • In its early years it primarily simulcast the AM station.
  • Both stations use the same name, but are not simulcast.
  • A few years later, it broke off the simulcast and became an Adult Standards station.
  • YES did simulcast with the substitute hosts in its first couple of years.
  • However, the television news simulcast was a short-lived venture for him, and he favored radio.
  • The simulcast was subsequently dropped in the 1950s, leaving the station silent.
  • Coverage of major events has also been simulcast on BBC World News.
  • In Canada, the series was simulcast on the Global Television Network throughout its original run.
  • It was a full time simulcast the AM's programming for much of the next decade.
  • It simulcast nearly all of its AM sister's programming.
  • In late 1985, the stations began a more than decade-long complete simulcast.
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Meaning of simulcast

  • noun A broadcast that is carried simultaneously by radio and television (or by fm and am radio)