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  • This allowed any race seen in fiction before or since to be simulated.
  • A simulated time of one second took ten seconds of computer time.
  • He has been sending simulated bombs around the city the past few months.
  • However the simulated change in precipitation was about one-fourth less than what was observed.
  • The latter part of the month, she spent at sea taking part in simulated war exercises.
  • At one point, he even simulated his own death.
  • An older version of a simulated mind may meet a younger version and share experiences with it.
  • Each ship will try its best to disable the other in simulated attacks.
  • It also included a championship mode which simulated the entire season.
  • The split screen has also been simulated in video games.
  • Space Travel was an early computer game that simulated travel in the solar system.
  • For example, it is well known that physical systems can be simulated to some degree of accuracy.
  • There are several neutral countries between them whose response to being attacked is simulated in the rules.
  • A simulated flight instructor offers real-time advice based on the player's performance.
  • ATE often includes many of these instruments in real and simulated forms.
  • Each rescue is simulated by a team representing their particular club.
  • We wanted to capture real acoustics rather than have everything computer simulated.
  • He has extensive experience in test work under simulated weightlessness conditions.
  • This section of the music video was simulated in a corn field.
  • The condition simulated a blown engine, even though the needed repair was quite simple.
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Root form of simulated is simulate for the verb.

Synonyms of simulated

Meaning of simulated

  • verb Make a pretence of
    She assumed indifference, even though she was seething with anger, he feigned sleep