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  • Info SiMPLE (a recursive acronym for SiMPLE Modular Programming Language & Environment) is a programming development system that was created to provide easy programming capabilities for everybody, especially non-professionals.
  • Through the elections any party may gain simple majority in the lower house.
  • It is still of interest primarily due to its relatively simple form.
  • Most of the people are farmers so their traditional food is very simple.
  • David had to work quickly, but the result was a simple and powerful image.
  • It can also be used to create and display simple line-art.
  • Free actions are simple actions that can be done at any time.
  • This is because the above model is very simple.
  • The rules are simple, so even young children can play.
  • It was most likely a simple board placed on the stadium track which was removed after the event.
  • On one simple level is the question, Did he do it, or didn't he?
  • The language is suitable for simple games, business programs and the like.
  • Some felt the language was too complex; others, too simple.
  • In both cases, a distinction is made between simple and complex ideas.
  • It was a simple stone marked with a cross.
  • This version also featured a simpler and more modern-looking case design.
  • The Party won the most votes in free elections but not a simple majority.
  • Simple majority is required in all cases, which means that the lay-judges are always in control.
  • A third approach is found by starting out with two very simple assumptions.
  • He gives a much simpler origin, having to do primarily with looking good.
  • But the greatest problem was simple - forced labor is by nature less efficient than free labor.
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Meaning of simple

  • noun Any herbaceous plant having medicinal properties
  • adjective Having few parts; not complex or complicated or involved
    a simple problem, simple mechanisms, a simple design, a simple substance
  • adjective (botany) of leaf shapes; of leaves having no divisions or subdivisions