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  • The navy was to be similarly reduced, and no military aircraft were allowed.
  • Similarly, the two low waters each day are the higher low water and the lower low water.
  • Similarly, it is impossible to have faith and scientific knowledge about the same thing.
  • Similarly, a couple may remain married in religious eyes after a civil divorce.
  • The loss of the initial h sound occurs similarly to that in the form above.
  • Similarly, the east-west routes use increasing numbers from north to south.
  • Similarly, his work has been called a history of child abuse, not childhood.
  • International law is similarly concerned with the treatment of individuals within state boundaries.
  • If all the brands are similar, they must all be similarly good.
  • Similarly, within the mind there is no part or set of parts which are themselves "the person".
  • Years later, his brother Harald similarly left the church before getting married.
  • After difficult decisions, she declared she would continue to tour there, along with other international stars that decided similarly.
  • No similarly successful theory has been developed for knots in general.
  • Similarly, seven vice presidents have died in office and two resigned mid-term.
  • Similarly, katakana is usually used for country names, foreign places, and foreign personal names.
  • Gibson similarly did not play computer games despite appearing in his stories.
  • Similarly, we cannot describe to a blind person exactly what yellow is.
  • Similarly, an entire function that does not hit a particular value will hit every other value an infinite number of times.
  • Similarly, the third and fourth laws are designed to contradict each other.
  • Similarly, the idea of freedom as freedom from politics is a notion that developed in modern times.
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Synonyms of similarly

Meaning of similarly

  • adverb In like or similar manner
    He was similarly affected, some people have little power to do good, and have likewise little strength to resist evil"- Samuel Johnson