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  • Info Silvery are a London-based 4-piece indie rock band, signed to Blow Up Records (the label of the legendary Britpop night club Blow Up).
  • This fish has silvery sides, and is light green or brown on top.
  • These give the leaves the silvery appearance from which the plant gets its name.
  • For the first two weeks or so after birth, the young are entirely silvery.
  • They mine the upper side of the leaves, making a silvery white narrow mine.
  • This cover is particularly thick on the leaves, giving them a silvery appearance.
  • Younger leaves are a silvery-blue colour but turn green with age.
  • It is perhaps best known by its silvery-blue leaves.
  • New growth is mainly seen in summer, and the leaves in general are covered with fine, silvery hair.
  • It is made of dead cells and can have a silvery-grey, white or brown appearance.
  • They are all a blue-green-grey above, fading to silvery white below.
  • The bird takes its name from the silvery-white streaking on its black head.
  • When using her powers, her eyes, and those of her subject, glow a silvery colour.
  • The crown is silvery blue and a black mask runs over the eye.
  • It has a silvery white plumage around its neck and head and a black body.
  • All three Mauritian species take a silvery colour when they go back to the sea.
  • Most often, however, the body is blue-black on top with a silvery white underside.
  • Adult horse-eye jack are typically dark blue to silvery-blue above, becoming silvery white to golden below.
  • Small branches are brown, though at the end they become white or silvery, as do new shoots.
  • That range of emotion, that silvery music -- I have never heard in any other.
  • It has a narrow silvery-brown body and long legs.
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