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  • Neither the reasons nor the history behind the right to silence are entirely clear.
  • He raised his son in silence, which allowed him to learn to find his soul.
  • Neither was able to speak; they returned to her home in silence.
  • Music is an art form consisting of sound and silence expressed through time.
  • Should his voice be silenced because others did not believe as he did? Cited from Tess of the Storm Country, by Grace Miller White
  • Above all, he taught me the meaning of silence and the meaning of singing.
  • However, they then agreed that a minute's silence should be held.
  • They share a drink and look out of the window in silence.
  • In his presence I was almost always reduced to total silence.
  • He found a death-like silence in the house. Cited from The Party, and Other Stories by Anton Chekhov
  • A minute of silence and prayer was held at many activities throughout the island that day.
  • There was an almost death-like silence in the palace. Cited from Indian Ghost Stories, by S. Mukerji
  • Silence, along with Fire Field, are the only areas to return from previous games.
  • The boys opened a path for the ball player and stood in silence until he passed out of sight.
  • A one-minute silence was held before the game.
  • The right to silence spread to many nations of the British Empire.
  • A minute's or two minutes' silence is also frequently incorporated into church services.
  • A league-wide moment of silence was also observed.
  • Cage had gone to a place where he expected total silence, and yet heard sound.
  • A death-like silence fell upon the hall. Cited from From October to Brest-Litovsk, by Leon Trotzky
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Meaning of silence

  • noun The state of being silent (as when no one is speaking)
    there was a shocked silence, he gestured for silence
  • noun The absence of sound
    he needed silence in order to sleep, the street was quiet
  • verb Keep from expression, for example by threats or pressure
    All dissenters were silenced when the dictator assumed power