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  • It could take several days after a user signed up before it started working.
  • His appearance will be the first sign of the third period.
  • A sign of success was that foreign students now began to come to Italy.
  • Although this attempt failed, it was a sign of problems to come.
  • The language that appears on the signs first is decided by the local government.
  • They may not report pain because they feel it is a sign that death is near.
  • Bush would later say that he wished he had never signed the bill.
  • Immediate medical care is required upon the first signs of these side effects.
  • Following these events, there was a period from which few signs of culture remain.
  • They then signed a peace treaty with the French and a mission was established.
  • Or sign'd all those they tell us that he sign'd? Cited from Queen Mary and Harold, by Alfred Lord Tennyson
  • Several ways to represent sign languages in written form have been developed.
  • The two men signed the paper then and there.
  • Parents usually notice signs in the first two years of their child's life.
  • Once signed, some learn to play better football and some advance to the senior or professional teams.
  • Sign systems are sometimes developed within a single family.
  • They were worn with pride as a sign of having served front line duty.
  • This signing was the largest such event held at that particular location in three years.
  • One is a sign that a new life has begun, the other that a life has ended.
  • Sign language is becoming a popular teaching style with hearing parents for young hearing children.
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Meaning of sign

  • noun A perceptible indication of something not immediately apparent (as a visible clue that something has happened)
    he showed signs of strain, they welcomed the signs of spring
  • noun A public display of a message
    he posted signs in all the shop windows
  • noun (medicine) any objective evidence of the presence of a disorder or disease
    there were no signs of asphyxiation
  • noun A gesture that is part of a sign language
  • noun A fundamental linguistic unit linking a signifier to that which is signified
    The bond between the signifier and the signified is arbitrary"--de Saussure
  • noun A character indicating a relation between quantities
    don't forget the minus sign
  • verb Mark with one's signature; write one's name (on)
    She signed the letter and sent it off, Please sign here
  • verb Approve and express assent, responsibility, or obligation
    All parties ratified the peace treaty, Have you signed your contract yet?
  • verb Be engaged by a written agreement
    He signed to play the casino on Dec. 18, The soprano signed to sing the new opera
  • verb Engage by written agreement
    They signed two new pitchers for the next season
  • verb Communicate silently and non-verbally by signals or signs
    He signed his disapproval with a dismissive hand gesture, The diner signaled the waiters to bring the menu
  • verb Place signs, as along a road
    sign an intersection, This road has been signed
  • verb Communicate in sign language
    I don't know how to sign, so I could not communicate with my deaf cousin