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  • He turned and looked after the children and gave a long, deep sigh. Cited from Jerry's Reward, by Evelyn Snead Barnett
  • They both together stood up straight, gave a long-drawn sigh and went below. Cited from The Path of Life, by Stijn Streuvels
  • He started up again, and with a deep sigh turned to the door. Cited from Frank Oldfield, by T.P. Wilson
  • She drew a deep sigh and opened her lips, but closed them again. Cited from The Californians, by Gertrude Franklin Horn Atherton
  • She turned away, and, with a heavy sigh, took her way home again. Cited from Frank Oldfield, by T.P. Wilson
  • Here her voice died away, and she lay back with a long sigh of content. Cited from Hollowmell, by E.R. Burden
  • All the time she sighed over the years during which the house had been closed up. Cited from The Story of Bawn, by Katharine Tynan
  • We had covered about ten miles, when a strange sighing sound grew up about us. Cited from The River and I, by John G. Neihardt
  • There they stood together for a moment, and together they sighed as they turned away. Cited from Tristram of Blent, by Anthony Hope
  • Then with a deep sigh she looked up again, and made an effort to rise. Cited from To The West, by George Manville Fenn
  • He sighed again as he turned up over the hill to the left and started for home. Cited from The Alchemist's Secret, by Isabel Cecilia Williams
  • But she sighed as she went back to the sitting-room and took up her work again. Cited from Penelope and the Others, by Amy Walton
  • And he thought, as with that word she left him, she sigh'd. Cited from Lucile, by Owen Meredith
  • Then he resigned himself again with a sigh to try and bear his position. Cited from !Tention, by George Manville Fenn
  • They sat without speaking for a time, and then the woman sighed and rose. Cited from A Certain Rich Man, by William Allen White
  • He gave a deep sigh: I saw the iron enter into his soul. Cited from Best of the World's Classics...Prose, Vol. IV, Great Britain & Ireland
  • She sighed as she came back and once more sat down. Cited from The Way of the Wind, by Zoe Anderson Norris
  • The young man sighed heavily as she closed the door after her. Cited from Choice Readings for the Home Circle, by Anonymous
  • She sighed as she rose with the rest of the women to leave the table. Cited from The Sport of the Gods, by Paul Laurence Dunbar
  • He sighed because he was old, and because the day's work was done. Cited from Autumn, by Robert Nathan
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Meaning of sigh

  • noun An utterance made by exhaling audibly
  • noun A sound like a person sighing
    she heard the sigh of the wind in the trees
  • verb Heave or utter a sigh; breathe deeply and heavily
    She sighed sadly
  • verb Utter with a sigh