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  • Info Sideways is a 2004 comedy-drama film written by Jim Taylor and Alexander Payne and directed by Payne. more...
  • The length was too big for the river so the ship had to be launched sideways.
  • They are turned sideways (although it is not necessary to do so).
  • Further material from the same sessions was released during the same year as Sideways.
  • At these events, drivers would have to go as sideways as possible around the track.
  • The song can be heard as a background number in the film, Sideways.
  • The location of their eyes makes their field of vision very wide, sideways and upward.
  • Turning to the left made one turn at a time and avoided a sideways move.
  • When viewed from sideways the resulting shape of the head will look a bit like a boat.
  • Later the mechanical design was dropped on the grounds of cost, although the sideways plan remained.
  • They are often sideways attached to dividing walls or use a common wall.
  • To indicate six through ten, the hand is held sideways, parallel to the ground.
  • The game has no winning conditions, and only one setting: a sideways view of the inside of a three-story house.
  • After several weeks the baby makes the change from the sideways position over the shoulders to riding on her back.
  • I was sideways [turning into the corner] and he hit me.
  • The bombs would spin sideways after being dropped, and broke up when they hit the ground.
  • They have a single pair of eyes in the middle of their heads, oriented sideways.
  • He lost control of his car and skidded sideways into a concrete wall.
  • His work resulted in a more classical sideways-on action.
  • At the end of the line the train would be moved sideways into the end chamber of the return tube.
  • Unlike in snowboarding, both feet face forward, rather than sideways to the direction of travel.
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Meaning of sideways

  • adverb With one side forward or to the front
    turned sideways to show the profile, crabs seeming to walk sidewise
  • adverb Toward one side
    the car slipped sideways into the ditch, leaning sideways, a figure moving sidewise in the shadows