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  • A sidewalk has also been added to one side of the bridge.
  • I took this picture myself while on the sidewalk in front of this store.
  • During this time major reconstruction has been completed of its street and sidewalk network.
  • Taking the sidewalk to the right of the guard house leads back to surface roads.
  • He did not fall on a sidewalk and hit his head as has been erroneously reported.
  • The house is a three story brick building with its foundation placed at the edge of the sidewalk.
  • The road itself is three lanes in each direction with a sidewalk on each side.
  • In places with old architecture it can grow between the stones of the road or sidewalk.
  • There are plans to cover the sidewalk between the two stations.
  • A temporary one-lane bridge with sidewalk has been provided during construction to the south of the permanent bridge site.
  • In its central city expression blocks are generally short and equipped with a sidewalk on each side.
  • They start to walk down the sidewalk, gradually taking off their clothes, until they are both naked.
  • The right of way is still visible as a strip between the set-back sidewalk and the street.
  • The music video features Evans on a sidewalk with many people passing in front of her.
  • Their first performance was in a San Francisco hotel so new that it had no sidewalk entrance.
  • In front of it was a sidewalk along which ran a concrete wall.
  • They surround you on the sidewalk and almost force you to buy their papers.
  • After that he is walking along sidewalk of the street then crosses.
  • In some cases, the house has no front yard and is actually flush with the sidewalk.
  • A sidewalk on the south side appears to be original.
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Meaning of sidewalk

  • noun Walk consisting of a paved area for pedestrians; usually beside a street or roadway