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  • The golden girls line up next on the west sideline next to the band.
  • The ball can also be turned over by going over the sideline.
  • It originally consisted of two opposite sideline stands around the field and running track.
  • After thirteen league games, he suffered an injury which would sideline him for four months.
  • This leaves the visiting football team on a sideline without their fans behind them.
  • The injury was expected to sideline him for up to one year.
  • Chair-back seats were added in four of the new sections behind the home sideline.
  • He was often seen raiding up the sideline from his right back position.
  • As a sideline he conducted more general research on the question, what makes systems work and fail.
  • Remaining today is only one full-time farming operation, while there are also several worked as a sideline.
  • He attempted to return in the second half but lasted just two plays before returning to the sideline.
  • The team would then run through the T to the sideline.
  • In that match another player was lost to a broken leg - this time from the sideline.
  • Therefore, over time two attempts were made to sideline the product.
  • This sideline became so successful that he considered leaving painting.
  • A knee injury would sideline him for most of his senior season.
  • The injury will sideline Thomas for the rest of the season, and possibly end his career.
  • Substitutions can also be made when the ball goes out on either sideline.
  • The field runs in the conventional north-south direction, with the press box along the west sideline.
  • Players may travel well outside the court to play a ball that has gone over a sideline or end-line in the air.
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Meaning of sideline

  • noun A line that marks the side boundary of a playing field
  • noun An auxiliary line of merchandise
  • verb Remove from the center of activity or attention; place into an inferior position
    The outspoken cabinet member was sidelined by the President