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  • It was later passed on to their sidekicks and their team called Young Justice.
  • He won his second league title with the Sidekicks that year.
  • The Sidekicks released him during their pre-season training camp.
  • He scored the first-ever regular season goal in Sidekicks' history.
  • The sidekicks switched every week, although several were put in return appearances, always as different characters.
  • There is a small group of fans that do not like comic sidekicks.
  • After his retirement, Powers spent two years as an assistant coach with the Sidekicks.
  • He played only five games with the Sidekicks, scoring a single playoff goal.
  • He signed with the Sidekicks and would go on to play four summer indoor seasons with them.
  • After that date, Sidekicks no longer had access to any data services, though voice service still functioned.
  • A large number of these books had male protagonists, with women serving as sidekicks.
  • Acosta spent one season with the Sidekicks, scoring only five goals in thirty-seven games.
  • He has little regard for the well-being of others and often demeans his sidekicks and guests.
  • During his Sidekicks career, Tatu was a key member of all four championship teams.
  • He spent one season with the Sidekicks, then retired from playing professionally.
  • The second season started off with the TV movie Sidekicks.
  • In his one season with the Sidekicks, he scored thirty-eight goals in forty-five regular season and playoff games.
  • He went on to play twelve seasons with the Sidekicks.
  • The Sidekicks released him at the end of the season.
  • When chimpanzees appear in other TV shows, they generally do so as comic relief sidekicks to humans.
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Root form of sidekicks is sidekick for the noun.