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  • Info A sidekick is a close companion who is generally regarded as subordinate to the one he accompanies.
  • This person who you feel can make anything right, and you're proud to be their sidekick.
  • A widely recognized supporting character for many years has been the young sidekick Robin.
  • To start the game a gender must be chosen and the player will get a sidekick character.
  • The film makes particular fun of the relationship between each detective and his or her sidekick.
  • Batman shows nothing but contempt for his former sidekick and plans his death the moment they face each other.
  • His sidekick, Plue, was also designed much earlier when he was in high school.
  • Otacon is widely regarded as one of the best sidekick type characters in video games.
  • In science fiction the sub-type of the alien sidekick has been established.
  • And I'd say, well can you tell me the name of the lead woman character in the film and her sidekick?
  • Many television talk shows make use of a sidekick as a co-host who anchors a show with the main star.
  • McHugh played everything from lead actor to sidekick and would often provide comedy relief.
  • Paul Tapie even returned as a sidekick for the show within a few months of its debut.
  • However the first generation Sidekick continued in production in other countries until 2004.
  • Later he meets his old sidekick, now an old man who commits suicide rather than die from cancer.
  • He was best known for his numerous appearances in Western films as the colorful sidekick to the leading man.
  • He would occasionally serve as his surrogate mother's child sidekick.
  • Two Sidekick weapons can be fired at the same time.
  • Her secret is known to her grandmother, and her brother Ding, who becomes her sidekick.
  • Pancho also became established as his sidekick in other media.
  • He was also listed as the best sidekick in video games by Maximum PC.
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