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  • As the area became more year-round the commercial business slowly shut down.
  • In television, all they want you to do is shut up.
  • However, those projects were shut down during development, some just short of their intended commercial release.
  • Other national operations continued operating for another several weeks before shutting for good.
  • They worked on the design for about a year before also shutting down development.
  • The league shut down operations due to poor attendance only two months after its formation.
  • Some lines were cut in half; many stations were shut down.
  • Those stars should have shut up and just given over their money if they were genuine.
  • The tribes shut themselves in the fort and refused to come out in the open.
  • The way to understand TV is to shut off the sound.
  • For the first time in party history, it was shut out of the legislature.
  • You just shut your mouth, and stay out of it.
  • The next day the reactor started up again, only to shut down once more.
  • McGovern shut the committee down when he decided to run for president again.
  • The railroad line on which the town was established was shut down in the early 1970s.
  • They played one season under this name before shutting down operations.
  • However, in protecting its ancient centre the town has not shut itself off from modern development.
  • It then shows him as an adult shutting off a modern day television.
  • Then he plans on shutting down operations for a while until things cool off.
  • The airliner never became widely used and the production line shut down after only three years.
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Meaning of shut

  • adjective Not open
    the door slammed shut