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  • He left no will, and his relations made short shrift of these sons. Cited from Darkwater, by W. E. B. Du Bois
  • They will show thee short shrift indeed when my loss is discovered. Cited from Rung Ho!, by Talbot Mundy
  • You'll all get a short shrift and a long day from me. Cited from Ulysses, by James Joyce
  • I should be given short shrift once my name was known. Cited from Montlivet, by Alice Prescott Smith
  • If you send a man to deal he'll get short shrift. Cited from The Man in the Twilight, by Ridgwell Cullum
  • If he has been playing with my sister's reputation, he shall have short shrift. Cited from Sandra Belloni by George Meredith, v7
  • After battle it made short shrift of the wounded and killed prisoners in cold blood. Cited from History Of Ancient Civilization, by Charles Seignobos
  • Any one who knew her would have seen by her face that she meant to give that ring short shrift. Cited from Lippincott's Magazine, April 1875, Vol. XV., No. 88, by Various
  • Nor dare you go near him on your own account, or short would be your shrift. Cited from A King's Comrade, by Charles Whistler
  • She soon got to know this type at a glance, and gave it short shrift. Cited from Sparrows, by Horace W.C. Newte
  • Short Shrift Island is a place where passing vessels stop to get fresh water. Cited from Pieces of Eight, by Richard le Gallienne
  • Have you got leave to go to shrift to-day? Cited from Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare
  • Well, we shall soon make short shrift of you, my excellent heroine. Cited from Her Weight in Gold, by George Barr McCutcheon
  • I thought she was thinking of my short shrift. Cited from Hugo, by Arnold Bennett
  • They knew him now for a spy, and would in all probability give him short shrift. Cited from Secret Adversary, by Agatha Christie
  • Fiercely the flow of death shall go And short the good man's shrift! Cited from The Eye of Zeitoon, by Talbot Mundy
  • What topics were omitted or given short shrift that anyone would like to talk about now? Cited from LOC Workshop on eBooks, US Library of Congress
  • If they were not, they had very short shrift. Cited from The Magnificent Montez, by Horace Wyndham
  • Certain it is she brought her wounded brother safe home to England, and prisoners in that war usually had short shrift. Cited from The Amazing Marriage by George Meredith, v5
  • There was one who would have received short shrift if hands could have been laid upon him -- Chunk. Cited from Miss Lou, by E. P. Roe
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  • noun The act of being shriven