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  • The show was set in an international space station in the near future.
  • She got into voice-over work after being discovered at a one woman show.
  • They showed a series of one hour shows and two added half hour shows.
  • They showed a series of one hour shows and two added half hour shows.
  • John was also the author of two one man shows which he also performed.
  • It saw him return to his live one-man show set up.
  • But an even greater show of support came from the common people.
  • She promoted the album on morning news shows and performed some songs live.
  • For the event, the usually half hour show extended to a full hour.
  • Together, they wrote the music for more than twelve shows and four films.
  • This was an important issue for most earlier series of the show.
  • Two years later, she opened her first one-woman show in over thirty years.
  • A one-man show -- or is it merely the show of one man? Cited from Notes on My Books, by Joseph Conrad
  • The number of teams in the top flight is shown in blue.
  • He changed his mind a few hours later and agreed to appear on the show.
  • They had begun working on a second album and performed several one-off shows.
  • They will each perform their own section of a three-hour show.
  • The fourth match of the series became a one-man show.
  • Apart from that, only group one also showed some effect of its treatment.
  • During the recording process, the band did a few one off shows.
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Meaning of show

  • noun The act of publicly exhibiting or entertaining
    a remarkable show of skill
  • noun A social event involving a public performance or entertainment
    they wanted to see some of the shows on Broadway
  • verb Give an exhibition of to an interested audience
    She shows her dogs frequently, We will demo the new software in Washington
  • verb Make visible or noticeable
    She showed her talent for cooking, Show me your etchings, please
  • verb Be or become visible or noticeable
    His good upbringing really shows, The dirty side will show
  • verb Give evidence of, as of records
    The diary shows his distress that evening
  • verb Finish third or better in a horse or dog race
    he bet $2 on number six to show