short allowance of food

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  • I have had the same thing happen on other occasions, when on short allowance of food. Cited from Ned Myers, by James Fenimore Cooper
  • I certainly looked forward to a short allowance of food both for ourselves and coolies. Cited from The Rifle and Hound in Ceylon, by Samuel Baker
  • These also were on a short allowance of food, for the grass was very poor and scanty. Cited from The Life and Adventures of Kit Carson, by De Witt C. Peters
  • It must be remembered that they had been accustomed to short allowance of food for months, while he had been used to having an abundance. Cited from History of the Donner Party, by C.F. McGlashan
  • I embraced the opportunity afforded by this interval of tranquillity to point out to my small command the necessity for placing them upon a short allowance of food. Cited from The Congo Rovers, by Harry Collingwood
  • Nobody now ventures to say in public that ten thousand families ought to be put on short allowance of food in order that one man may have a fine stud and a fine picture gallery. Cited from Misc Writings and Speeches, Lord Macaulay V4 of 4
  • Should the wind shift to the westward, it may be a month or more before we reach the Cape, so if you wish to save your lives, you must at once be put on a short allowance of food and water. Cited from Peter Trawl, by W. H. G. Kingston
  • This rendered it imperatively necessary that all hands should at once be put upon a very short allowance of food and water; a hardship trying enough to the men of the party, but doubly so to the women and poor little May. Cited from The Pirate Island, by Harry Collingwood
  • He was rather thin, as if he had lived for a length of time on a short allowance of food; but when some broth, which had been got ready for him, was placed before him, he did not eat ravenously as if he had been long without food altogether. Cited from Mark Seaworth, by William H.G. Kingston
  • They were also on short allowance of food, which would necessarily have a depressing effect, and when they learnt that Cook would return to civilisation where fresh supplies could be obtained, there was a marked improvement in the general health. Cited from The Life of Captain James Cook, by Arthur Kitson
  • "We found it pretty hard work, to be sure, crossing the mountains, and where for several days we had to go on short allowance of food and water, but I expect that things will mend as we advance, when we shall get into a more fertile region." Cited from The Three Admirals, by W.H.G. Kingston
  • We were placed on short allowance of food from the start, and each day this allowance was cut shorter and shorter, until we received each for our evening and morning meal two small pieces of jerked beef, about the size of the index finger of the hand. Cited from History of the Donner Party, by C.F. McGlashan