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  • Several countries have used a system which is known as short form/long form.
  • He has written and directed several award-winning short films and features.
  • A Feature-length version of this award winning short-film is in development.
  • For one short half-hour things went more or less well. Cited from Hills and the Sea, by H. Belloc
  • In that short half-hour she suffered more than many women do in their whole lives. Cited from Colonel Quaritch, V.C., by H. Rider Haggard
  • To be one hour, only one short half-hour without! Cited from Count Hannibal, by Stanley J. Weyman
  • The project was short-lived and failed after seven months.
  • It has a very short half-life, though; only about twelve minutes. Cited from The Colors of Space, by Marion Zimmer Bradley
  • He has written and directed nine award winning short films.
  • It is only a short half mile, and the way is easy. Cited from The Soldier of the Valley, by Nelson Lloyd
  • Memory is often thought of consisting of both a long-term and short-term store.
  • They have produced two award-winning short films and currently have three feature films in pre-production/production.
  • He has also appeared in several national commercials and award winning short films.
  • This is a list of live-action short films.
  • He was five films short of his personal goal.
  • However, those projects were shut down during development, some just short of their intended commercial release.
  • A thousand servants set to work, and in one short half hour the garden showed green. Cited from The Adventures of Akbar, by Flora Annie Steel
  • Because of the size of the head, the neck is relatively short to provide better support.
  • People in the south are on average about shorter than those in the north.
  • This has produced several award-winning short films in this category.
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Meaning of short

  • noun The location on a baseball field where the shortstop is stationed
  • adjective Primarily temporal sense; indicating or being or seeming to be limited in duration
    a short life, a short flight, a short holiday, a short story, only a few short months
  • adjective (primarily spatial sense) having little length or lacking in length
    short skirts, short hair, the board was a foot short, a short toss
  • adjective Low in stature; not tall
    he was short and stocky, short in stature, a short smokestack, a little man
  • adjective Not holding securities or commodities that one sells in expectation of a fall in prices
    a short sale, short in cotton
  • adjective Of speech sounds or syllables of relatively short duration
    the English vowel sounds in `pat', `pet', `pit', `pot', putt' are short
  • adverb Without possessing something at the time it is contractually sold
    he made his fortune by selling short just before the crash
  • adverb Clean across
    the car's axle snapped short
  • adverb At some point or distance before a goal is reached
    he fell short of our expectations
  • adverb So as to interrupt
    She took him up short before he could continue
  • adverb At a disadvantage
    I was caught short