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  • A good path runs along the north-western shore of the lake.
  • The castle is on a shore, and there are ships in the water.
  • At first the people could not find a way to get across the water to the shore.
  • The first wave to reach the shore may not have the highest run up.
  • Prior to a permanent settlement being established, there was significant activity along the shore.
  • The state is also home to numerous islands off both of its shores.
  • There is a park on the north western shore.
  • The land lies alongside much of the eastern shore of the Dead Sea.
  • Land-based and near-shore facilities offer three main advantages over those located in deep water.
  • He related that right afterward a wave appeared and carried him back to shore.
  • Only by ferry could one travel from the eastern shore to the western shore.
  • Evidence of this culture can be found at the eastern and western ends of the Canadian shore.
  • Then he turned and cast his eyes on the near-by shore reaching away from his feet in every direction. Cited from The Coming of the King, by Bernie Babcock
  • Six species are land birds, and three are shore birds.
  • Most people still lived within the present Old Town, with a growth along the eastern shore.
  • They were fully a mile from either rock-bound shore. Cited from The Place Beyond the Winds, by Harriet T. Comstock
  • A great deal of energy went into shoring up what had been achieved.
  • It was probably situated on the shore of the Red Sea.
  • Sea bottom and near shore material may cover some or all of the orogenic area.
  • The values we live by at home do not stop at our shores.
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Meaning of shore

  • noun The land along the edge of a body of water
  • noun A beam or timber that is propped against a structure to provide support
  • verb Serve as a shore to
    The river was shored by trees