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  • I know exactly what you will do, you are so shockingly matter-of-fact. Cited from The Farringdons, by Ellen Thorneycroft Fowler
  • It was shockingly late when we got in last night, my dear. Cited from Out of the Ashes, by Ethel Watts Mumford
  • For the first time I could mark how shockingly it had changed. Cited from The Best Short Stories of 1915, by Various
  • She said something that struck me as being shockingly true. Cited from Lonesome Land, by B. M. Bower
  • That young man, let me tell you, has been conducting himself -- oh, shockingly! Cited from Demos, by George Gissing
  • It's all quite little things, but they mount up shockingly. Cited from The Rocks of Valpre, by Ethel May Dell
  • It seemed impossible, shockingly against Nature, that my aunt's existence should have been so! Cited from Sacred And Profane Love , by E. Arnold Bennett
  • You played that last piece shockingly out of time. Cited from The Luckiest Girl in the School, by Angela Brazil
  • In her eyes, the dead friends and foes all look shockingly alike - children like her.
  • To be sure she's shockingly dear, that I must own; but then who can wonder? Cited from Cecilia Volume 1, by Frances Burney
  • People noticed a great change in him; he gave up society, ceased to care for anything, looked shockingly. Cited from Madame de Mauves, by Henry James
  • People noticed a great change in him: he gave up society, ceased to care for anything, looked shockingly.
  • He went up, and was not gone a minute when I heard him scream shockingly. Cited from The Honour of the Flag, by W. Clark Russell
  • He became even more shockingly defiant of God after his recovery than he had been before. Cited from History of England (1066-1216), by Adams
  • But the road had been shockingly made, and before long had become almost impassable. Cited from Life of Thomas Telford, by Samuel Smiles
  • However she was diagnosed with cancer and shockingly refused treatment so that she could keep her baby.
  • He seemed to bear a shockingly bad character, and to be very unpopular. Cited from For Fortune and Glory, by Lewis Hough
  • While the shockingly experimental film won few awards, many consider it his masterpiece.
  • Even if she could have lived -- which was impossible -- she would have been shockingly disfigured. Cited from A Soldier of the Legion, by C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson
  • Although the two movements are shockingly different on the surface, their overall shape is remarkably similar.
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Meaning of shockingly

  • adverb Extremely
    teachers were shockingly underpaid
  • adverb So as to shock the feelings