ship departed

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  • As soon as the painting was brought to shore the ship departed.
  • Soon, when the ship departed, everything was normal again.
  • The ship departed that port the next day.
  • When it was finished, the ships departed for liberty to different ports.
  • It is doubtful that Mary ever saw the pirate after his ship departed.
  • The first two ships departed England in late March and mid-April and sailed to Boston.
  • The wind was blowing towards the water and the ship departed in full flame between the small islands out into the sea.
  • Over the next two years, the ship departed that port on a number of occasions to participate in various exercises.
  • The ship departed every fifteen minutes and after landing, users got a hat that is modeled after the ship.
  • The ship departed on its maiden voyage the next day.
  • After the work was completed, the ship departed for her new homeport of Seattle.
  • After a few hours, the Mexican sailing ships departed and only the two steamers remained.
  • After a week in the area, the ships departed for Chile.
  • Immediately after her sea trials the ship departed Scotland for a Mediterranean cruise.
  • With two ships on the route, one ship departed from either New York or San Francisco about every three weeks.
  • The ship departed the same day for New York and arrived there on 22 September.
  • The only ship departing the planet in time to avoid prison is an exploration corps ship that only takes scientists.
  • Following a five-day visit to Perth, the ship departed Australia on her way back to the Philippines.
  • The store ship departed the latter port on 28 August on her way back to the United States.
  • When the ship departed a fully dressed man jumped off the pier and attempted to swim after it.
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