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  • It shines by its own light that has no beginning and no end.
  • He supported education and training of persons who in his opinion would shine in life.
  • After that she runs toward the light that shines outside of the front door.
  • The king then asked his friend to come and shine a light before the king on his way.
  • How indeed could it be otherwise, so long as truth like light always shines down from above? Cited from Dulcibel, A Tale of Old Salem, by Henry Peterson
  • During part of that period it shines at mid-night as well as at mid-day. Cited from The Ocean and its Wonders, by R.M. Ballantyne
  • I'll never marry no other woman as long as the sun shines. Cited from Dixie Hart, by Will N. Harben
  • I hope the passion and love that went into them shines through.
  • The lights shine twenty-four hours a day into mid-January of the following year.
  • When the sun shines go through the windows, the floor seems to be covered with money.
  • Given a source of white light, they produce a white shine.
  • One does not see so clearly in the morning of life when the sun shines in his eyes. Cited from Works of Robert G. Ingersoll, Volume VIII, by Robert Green Ingersoll
  • However, the music shines through, and the performance is too good not to bring to you.
  • She shall not fly where the heaven is blue and where the sun shines warm. Cited from Fairies and Folk of Ireland, by William Henry Frost
  • From this we understand that the nature of God is to shine and give light.
  • If it be the moon, then let him touch something light, on which its light shines. Cited from Current Superstitions, by Various
  • Smith's own sound shines in this project, something not entirely possible in his other bands.
  • Their common name comes from the metallic gold or silver shine of their eyes.
  • There is a light that shines with those that tell of the speed and power. Cited from The Secret of the Creation, by Howard D. Pollyen
  • You may see how the metal shines when newly cut. Cited from Kafir Stories, by William Charles Scully
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Meaning of shine

  • verb Emit light; be bright, as of the sun or a light
    The sun shone bright that day, The fire beamed on their faces
  • verb Be distinguished or eminent
    His talent shines
  • verb Be clear and obvious
    A shining example
  • verb Throw or flash the light of (a lamp)
    Shine the light on that window, please