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  • Drawing can also be used to produce a cold formed shaped cross-section.
  • Over the head of the body the lead was formed into the shape of a crown.
  • They could still bend during use rather than spring back into shape.
  • He discovered that, although matter may change its form or shape, its mass always remains the same.
  • A half-moon shaped hall is situated on the top floor of the three stories.
  • An art form is the specific shape, or quality an artistic expression takes.
  • And that also gives you greater freedom of the shapes that you can use.
  • Its unique shape contributed to the early development of the game.
  • The V-shaped cut can be seen at the lower centre.
  • It is surrounded by a stone border in the shape of a football stadium.
  • These typically do not have an air chamber and are so named only because of their external shape.
  • The primary characteristic of a film format is its size and shape.
  • A wide variety of shapes exist with some very complex forms seen.
  • Elizabeth established an English church that helped shape a national identity and remains in place today.
  • This helped to shape his understanding of human action and the unity of human experience.
  • Its entrance is half moon shaped which is faced towards east.
  • This shape can create the illusion that their heads are longer than usual.
  • Jordan later stated that the murder of his father earlier in the year shaped his decision.
  • She has stated that coming from a working-class background has shaped her identity in a positive way.
  • The shape is similar to a part of human form standing upright.
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Meaning of shape

  • noun Any spatial attributes (especially as defined by outline)
    he could barely make out their shapes
  • noun The spatial arrangement of something as distinct from its substance
    geometry is the mathematical science of shape
  • noun A concrete representation of an otherwise nebulous concept
    a circle was the embodiment of his concept of life
  • verb Make something, usually for a specific function
    She molded the rice balls carefully, Form cylinders from the dough, shape a figure, Work the metal into a sword
  • verb Give shape or form to
    shape the dough, form the young child's character