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  • He rose at last and, rather shamefacedly, said that he should go to bed. Cited from The Captives, by Hugh Walpole
  • He came out rather shamefacedly and asked if they had met the negro. Cited from Four Boy Hunters, by Captain Ralph Bonehill
  • One somewhat shamefacedly said the clothes came from his wife's money. Cited from The Unpopular Review, Volume II, Number 3, by Various
  • There, shamefacedly, he asked the boy in charge for some books about dogs. Cited from His Dog, by Albert Payson Terhune
  • He asked her, shamefacedly, to tell her mother that "he was very bad." Cited from Literary Love-Letters, by Robert Herrick
  • They laughed shamefacedly and worked better the next time, for they were not without common sense, either. Cited from Taquisara, by F. Marion Crawford
  • Finally he succeeded and five minutes later stood shamefacedly in the presence of the woman who had made him King. Cited from The Lighted Match, by Charles Neville Buck
  • Later still they began to eye each other shamefacedly. Cited from Sea Urchins, by W. W. Jacobs
  • Coming to himself with a start he looked around shamefacedly and retraced his course. Cited from Rustler Round-Up (Bar-20), C.E. Mulford
  • And she told her father, briefly, and somewhat shamefacedly, all that had happened in the studio. Cited from The Penalty, by Gouverneur Morris
  • Skinny returned to his friends shamefacedly and did not look as if he had just won a championship. Cited from Rustler Round-Up (Bar-20), C.E. Mulford
  • Win was shamefacedly not sure whether she had seen it. Cited from Winnie Childs, by C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson
  • Some girls were playing at a ring game, and Robert and a few other boys were shamefacedly looking on. Cited from The Underworld, by James C. Welsh
  • He laughed shamefacedly as he took her in his arms. Cited from Subspace Survivors, by E. E. Smith
  • She did not even smile shamefacedly, as any one else certainly would have done in apology. Cited from From the Housetops, by George Barr McCutcheon
  • He flushed shamefacedly at the question, nor did he look up as he answered it. Cited from Thrall Of Leif The Lucky, Ottilie A. Liljencrantz
  • Dow looked shamefacedly at the minister, and then set off up the square. Cited from The Little Minister, by J.M. Barrie
  • He stayed his hand and rather shamefacedly placed the cigars back in the box. Cited from Bought and Paid For, by Arthur Hornblow
  • Then when it won all the prizes, I sort of shamefacedly put my name back on it.
  • The children looked at each other shamefacedly, and almost in fear, for they thought the little old lady must be mad. Cited from The Slowcoach, by E. V. Lucas
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Meaning of shamefacedly

  • adverb In a shamefaced manner
    quarrels and dissensions ensued among the cast, most of whom hurriedly and shamefacedly handed over their parts to understudies