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  • Most women who contract HPV do so soon after becoming sexually active.
  • They will become sexually mature in their first spring and often attempt to breed right away.
  • They became sexually interested in each other almost immediately.
  • For example, a man never gets sexually excited by his mother as he would be by another woman.
  • They usually become sexually active at a young age, even before reaching sexual maturity.
  • About half of the women reported having been sexually abused as children.
  • By three to four weeks of age, the young are independent and are soon sexually mature.
  • They reproduce sexually, and the young is carried in the mother until fully developed.
  • They are sexually mature the following spring, but often do not mate until later years.
  • It will take the young shoebills three years before they become fully sexually mature.
  • Females sexually mature at around three years, but do not give birth for another year.
  • They become sexually mature at one year of age, and attempt to breed right away.
  • Kinsey's evidence suggested that women were less sexually active than men.
  • Many older adults continue to be sexually active and satisfied with their sexual activity.
  • It is not entirely understood why the ability to reproduce sexually is so common among them.
  • Later two white men try to sexually assault her.
  • Humans need to love and be loved - both sexually and non-sexually - by others.
  • She was also thought to cause disease, especially sexually transmitted disease.
  • This species becomes sexually mature after one year, and has a life expectancy of less than two years.
  • The female matures sexually at five years of age and the male at seven.
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Meaning of sexually

  • adverb With respect to sexuality
    sexually ambiguous
  • adverb By sexual means
    reproduce sexually