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  • In addition to lead vocals, Severens would perform on both bass and guitar, usually bass.
  • The image of a scarecrow/crucifix appears throughout Severens' artwork, included as a tattoo on his right arm.
  • Severens served in that capacity until his resignation on October 3, 1911.
  • Severens was confirmed by the United States Senate on May 25, 1886, and received his commission the same day.
  • Severens was confirmed by the United States Senate on February 20, 1900, and received his commission the same day.
  • On the Boneyard recordings, Severens delivers the vocal, bringing his biting sarcasm to the fore.
  • An alternate arrangement recorded by Severens' brother and accomplished cellist Michael Severens, features a simple vocal with cello accompaniment that brings out the more enduring themes to which the song points.
  • Influenced by early punk rock bands the Clash and the Dead Boys, Severens began writing song with Richard "Foghorn" Harnois with whom he founded the Aggressions c. 1984.
  • Born in Rockingham, Vermont, Severens received an A.B. from Middlebury College in 1857 and read law to enter the bar in 1859.
  • Alumni of this band include the late guitarist/singer Gene Severens (who had played with Greenwood in Boneyard) and guitarist Terry Linehan (a fill-in guitarist for Green Day).
  • On February 6, 1900, Severens was nominated by President William McKinley to a seat on the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit vacated by William Howard Taft's appointment to a commission to organize a civilian government in the Philippines.