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  • A fall shortly afterwards in which he severely broke his left hand ended his career.
  • Marine life and the fishing industry will also be severely affected in some places.
  • Her memory was severely impaired and she could no longer take part in state affairs.
  • In all of the reported cases, the need for sleep was severely reduced and in some cases not necessary.
  • His face was severely cut by glass and he was blinded in his left eye.
  • The town north of the river was severely affected being almost wiped out.
  • They generally do not kill the host plant but can severely reduce growth and yield.
  • A few days later he fell severely ill.
  • After just two months Beethoven learned that his mother was severely ill, and returned home.
  • Davis was also severely ill, and his family feared for his life.
  • During the later years of this war Bavaria, especially the northern part, suffered severely.
  • A group of women were severely punished for standing up for another female prisoner.
  • However, his forced testimony before the committee had severely damaged his reputation.
  • More than three million people were either homeless or severely affected.
  • Early electronic computers were severely limited both by the speed of operations and the amount of memory available.
  • The X-Craft severely damaged her and kept her in port for some months.
  • This severely limited its revenue, although it achieved moderate commercial success in Europe.
  • Some families saw most or all of their assets disappear, and suffered severely.
  • Such an act was too much for his severely wounded body and it quickly cost Bagration his life.
  • When the troops fell back he brought off the flag, under a fierce fire in which he was twice severely wounded.
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