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  • The difference between a normal class and a master class is typically the setup.
  • The two-engines setup has an advantage in the fact that each engine could work without the other.
  • The entire setup process could be completed in under a minute.
  • The metal drum setup is generally much larger than those employed in other forms of rock music.
  • This setup simply has two wheels - one in the front and one in the back.
  • Direct link setup allows direct station-to-station frame transfer within a basic service set.
  • Before the start of each game, a setup screen with an orange area is shown.
  • The car setup is usually changed to allow the car to drift more easily.
  • Setup may take a short while; guides for doing so are available online.
  • In their setup most heat loss was found to be from the liquid surface.
  • The show will be set in a mobile home community and use a multiple-camera setup.
  • Other vehicles have used this setup on both rear and four-wheel drive vehicles for many years.
  • Argentine station has a simple two side-platform setup with two tracks.
  • Spring Street is laid out in a typical local stop setup.
  • This combination became his main electric guitar recording setup for subsequent albums.
  • During board setup, it is placed at the centre of the circle.
  • This location was a temporary, and training, setup while construction of the proper complex occurred.
  • He was also involved in the youth game setup.
  • Individual groups often add to or slightly modify this setup to create their own distinct sound.
  • This setup a final against Brazil, the first World Cup meeting between the two.
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  • noun The way something is organized or arranged
    it takes time to learn the setup around here