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  • An account provided by an early settler of the community has been passed down through the years.
  • Charles Bird returned to the area two years later and became the first settler.
  • Another man may have had the right to claim first settler status.
  • One story suggests the village may have been named after the wife of an early settler.
  • He was likely to have been the first European settler in the area.
  • They killed a settler in the conflict but lost their camp's resources.
  • It has been suggested that it was named for some now-forgotten local settler or notable.
  • The town is said to be named after an early settler.
  • The mission building is the oldest settler built building still standing in the Free State.
  • Israel could not be regarded only as a colonial-settler state but a national fact too.
  • He also sent a force to the north to link up with the British settler army there.
  • Two years later he returned with his family to become the first Anglo-European settler.
  • A more recent source claims a settler named it after a location in Kansas.
  • The city received its name from one settler who had once lived on the island of Cuba.
  • He became the first white settler in what is now Mission Township.
  • The first settler arrived around 1800, but no others arrived for several years.
  • To keep his land, a settler had to plant for every fifty in his share, and to do it within five years.
  • Toward the end of the war the numbers of British troops were reduced, leaving settler units to continue the campaign.
  • Pro-slavery forces said every settler had the right to bring his own property, including slaves, into the territory.
  • In most cases such control has been exercised by an elite class from a settler community.
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  • noun A person who settles in a new colony or moves into new country
  • noun A negotiator who settles disputes
  • noun A clerk in a betting shop who calculates the winnings