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  • Her family moved several times during her early years due to financial setbacks.
  • Despite these setbacks, the work was completed in just over a year and a half.
  • Construction efforts suffered many setbacks and the project went well over time and budget.
  • They experienced many setbacks during training camp, from which they never fully recovered.
  • Two years later, his career ended after several setbacks due to surgery.
  • The popularity of the fair has continued to grow despite these two setbacks.
  • Even with the funding now available, a number of setbacks occurred during development.
  • Whatever the setbacks of the moment, nothing can stop us now!
  • During this period, the economy has grown constantly with only a few major setbacks.
  • Despite these setbacks, Arsenal lost only one league match all season and finished seven points clear.
  • This method can have some setbacks as it could leave the product at a high price against the competition.
  • The construction work suffered repeated setbacks concerning its location, foundation and plan.
  • However, a series of military setbacks eventually led to her capture.
  • He also suffered tragic setbacks in his personal life, one of which led to his murder.
  • Having to give up his studies to work was the first of many setbacks he would often refer to later in life.
  • The concert programs, however, suffered setbacks because of the lack of support.
  • Despite these setbacks, he finally started in his first New Zealand Cup.
  • These setbacks forced him to return to military service.
  • But after it the first serious setbacks of the campaign arrived.
  • Despite these early successes the army soon suffered a number of setbacks.
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Root form of setbacks is setback for the noun.