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  • Even with this setback, the team managed to take second and third places.
  • What could have been a serious injury was only a minor setback for him.
  • Despite this setback, he was taught by his parents to work hard and care for himself.
  • Despite this setback the Committee decided to keep faith with the management team.
  • It was, as far we know, the most serious setback he suffered due to his color.
  • His following releases failed commercial and this caused a setback to his film career.
  • He did not give up the plan because of this setback.
  • One year later, however, the team suffered its worst setback in years.
  • The fire men had easy access to the spot, mainly due to the setback space available inside the building.
  • Despite this, he never gives up and meets every failure or setback with a new attempt.
  • An even larger setback was when it was discovered that the tunnel had come up short.
  • Despite that setback, her next fight was a major event.
  • A finger injury once again proved to be a setback to his career.
  • Homes usually have a setback from the property boundary, so that they cannot be placed close together.
  • Despite this severe setback, he went on to win the election.
  • This was a huge setback and cold water on heads of some fans.
  • Her political setback was one of the few failures she ever experienced and she never attempted another run.
  • He never recovered from this setback, finding it difficult to continue working.
  • The agricultural sector has suffered a setback and a loss of importance over the years.
  • Even though the case was a setback for CORE, the group was making a name for itself.
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