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  • Info Seriousness (noun; adjective: serious) is an attitude of gravity, solemnity, persistence, and earnestness toward something considered to be of importance. more...
  • And yet neither shows itself up in any form of self-seriousness.
  • The State government has now shown some seriousness towards the development of the district.
  • This was when the seriousness of the schools situation was brought the media attention.
  • These events are known for their seriousness and focus on the issues of the day.
  • She also published a defense of the seriousness and importance of women's writing.
  • She liked his seriousness, finding him different in this respect from any other man she knew. Cited from The Mask, by Arthur Hornblow
  • After a while a sort of grave, sweet seriousness came over her. Cited from A Little Girl in Old Salem, by Amanda Minnie Douglas
  • Please support a cause to make people understand the seriousness of the issue.
  • Despite the seriousness of the injury, he returned to play a part towards the end of the campaign.
  • There was something like seriousness, too, in the good lady's eye. Cited from Rivers of Ice, by R.M. Ballantyne
  • It was believed they could not understand the seriousness of their actions.
  • The expression that was common and universal to almost all was their seriousness. Cited from Impressions of a War Correspondent, by George Lynch
  • All his works express both his sense of freedom and his rigorous seriousness.
  • A general seriousness began to spread over the whole town. Cited from A History of American Christianity, by Leonard Woolsey Bacon
  • He-believed in all seriousness that he was fighting the fight of order against chaos. Cited from The Psychology of Nations, by G.E. Partridge
  • Science has always been a subject which has been dealt with a lot of seriousness in schools.
  • In a minute my uncle stopped as suddenly as he had begun, and was all seriousness again. Cited from The Rose of Old St. Louis, by Mary Dillon
  • An expression of deep seriousness lies like a mask on his powerful face. Cited from From Pole to Pole, by Sven Anders Hedin
  • Other relatives and friends went to see him once news of the seriousness of the situation began to spread.
  • Third, the doctor will look at the seriousness of the condition.
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Meaning of seriousness

  • noun The quality of arousing fear or distress
    he learned the seriousness of his illness
  • noun The trait of being serious
    a lack of solemnity is not necessarily a lack of seriousness"- Robert Rice