serious bottleneck

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  • In an age of electronics, lack of copper had become a serious bottleneck in the production of electrical and scientific equipment. Cited from Danger in Deep Space, by Carey Rockwell
  • Traffic on the Geneva- Bellegarde section is increasing steadily and the single track section is expected to become a serious bottleneck.
  • The last section between Stockholm South Station and the central runs mainly on a two-track bridge, and is a serious bottleneck, as all trains have to use the same tracks.
  • As well as being a serious bottleneck to both freight and passenger traffic, this crossing was often dangerous as the current in this area is swift, and ice is a problem several months of the year.
  • The Iranian rail network is connected to the Turkish rail network via the Lake Van train ferry close to the border - which creates a serious bottleneck.
  • Memory allocation with naive allocators can be a serious bottleneck.
  • The previous 66 MHz bus had become a serious bottleneck and dated back to the first Pentium "Classic" chipsets.
  • As systems matured and CPU speed greatly surpassed I/O input capacity, access to the device that was serialized at the UCB level became a serious bottleneck.
  • Before the tunnel was built the Hem ferry and, to a lesser degree, the Schellingwouder bridge was the most important connection between Amsterdam and Zaandam which formed a serious bottleneck for traffic.
  • However, there are more pressing matters; humanity faces a serious bottleneck, with the Earth reeling from the effects of anthropogenic climate change and resource depletion; automobile production has all but ceased, except for hydrogen-based mass transit, and air travel is limited to the very rich.
  • The FERUT-based system was demonstrated in 1953 and was a qualified success; while the programmed logic and data storage/retrieval worked well, input/output was a serious bottleneck that seemed to make the system no better than the mechanical Reservisor.