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  • He decided the fire was not particularly serious and returned to bed.
  • The broadcast suggested that the nation was not ready for something more serious.
  • The club was in serious trouble off the field as well.
  • Almost immediately after his election as leader he was faced with a serious crisis.
  • It is a service that may not under any circumstances except serious ill-health, be refused. Cited from Etiquette, by Emily Post
  • She was taken to hospital in a serious condition.
  • And the more numerous and serious the charges, studies have shown, the greater the fear.
  • According to many critics, such an unusual division of labor caused serious command and control problems.
  • By the 1950s, the television industry had become a serious competition for the movie industry.
  • He was a serious child who was devoted to his mother, who played an important role in his life.
  • One of most serious obstacles to using object classes has been performance.
  • More serious fighting broke out a year later.
  • For the next six days, Begin remained in serious condition.
  • Although the storm caused significant damage to the campus, there were no serious injuries.
  • However, during the late 1980s, a much more serious decline set in.
  • He raised the standard of scientific work, leading to two serious student revolts.
  • The most serious among these is its application.
  • Trade had become a serious source of friction between the two countries.
  • Some education-entertainment is a serious attempt to combine the best features of the two.
  • Above all he was a man of grand vision with serious blind spots.
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Meaning of serious

  • adjective Concerned with work or important matters rather than play or trivialities
    a serious student of history, a serious attempt to learn to ski, gave me a serious look, a serious young man, are you serious or joking?, Don't be so serious!