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  • In other words black separatists would want a separate nation for black people.
  • At the same time the party tried to use the language conflict to further its separatist goals.
  • They also had accepted non-separatists to join them on the journey.
  • Their modern sound helped them gain popularity among the youth of the Italian separatist movement.
  • Black separatists generally think that black people cannot advance in a society dominated by a white majority.
  • The strength of the separatists has for many years been unknown.
  • The world could go on as well without these separatists. Cited from Autobiography of Sir George Biddell Airy, by George Biddell Airy
  • In his first day in the office, he accused many farmers of being separatists.
  • They seem, however, to have acquired as much importance as any of the separatists of that early age. Cited from Evidence of Christianity, by William Paley
  • The party has been described as social-democratic and separatist.
  • The separatists were helped by former Soviet military units, who by now had come under Russian command.
  • This dispute over the treaty has led to an on-going separatist conflict.
  • He has described himself as a white separatist and is active in white separatist causes.
  • Separatists continued to operate a headquarters in another part of the city.
  • In the end, the separatists failed to gain any decisive support among the population.
  • The red areas show regions where separatist movements were active.
  • Although no group has claimed responsibility, local separatists are presumed to be responsible.
  • The separatists were aided by former Soviet military units now under Russian command.
  • He offered amnesty to any separatists who laid down their arms and surrendered.
  • The separatist forces too suffered heavy losses, including losing several top commanders.
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  • noun An advocate of secession or separation from a larger group (such as an established church or a national union)