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  • When the case came to trial, he was given a two-year sentence.
  • He has been in prison serving a twenty-year sentence ever since.
  • This third death sentence would be the one ultimately carried out nearly nine years later.
  • Her sentence was reduced to two years and she was set free.
  • Numbers at the beginning of a sentence should also be written out.
  • He spent the next three years in prison, serving half of his six-year sentence.
  • There is at least one earlier example of such a sentence, and probably many more.
  • He served a one-year sentence in a work-release program.
  • They can also have difficulty trying to find the right words to make a sentence.
  • He was found guilty and served twenty-two months of a two-year sentence.
  • Two of the ten were sentenced to six months, the rest to a year.
  • But his sentence was later reduced to ten years with hard labour.
  • Four others were given four years and three were given a two-year sentence for their roles.
  • His trial and execution were made public only after the sentence had been carried out.
  • Due to his advanced age, the Court asked that the sentence not be carried out.
  • Before his prison sentence he managed to escape to England with a new identity.
  • He refused to go, and his death sentence was confirmed and extended to his sons.
  • He served one third of his five-year sentence.
  • He was found guilty and served a two-year sentence in prison.
  • Stone was sentenced to five years and six months in prison.
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Meaning of sentence

  • noun A string of words satisfying the grammatical rules of a language
    he always spoke in grammatical sentences
  • verb Pronounce a sentence on (somebody) in a court of law
    He was condemned to ten years in prison