sense of purpose

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  • Info Sense of Purpose was a hardcore punk band from Melbourne, Australia. more...
  • His aim is to give his characters a sense of purpose and hope.
  • This was what saved my life he said, giving me a sense of purpose.
  • These activities help members develop a sense of purpose and responsibility to their community.
  • "It gives one such a sense of purpose, such a feeling of doing something." Cited from Frenzied Fiction, by Stephen Leacock
  • This sense of purpose took her away from her own dancing and became her life's work.
  • This theme is what held the Museum collection together and provided a sense of purpose to the collection.
  • He was a man without direction, no sense of purpose, and casual faith.
  • With their line-up settled again, the Rocks found a renewed sense of purpose.
  • The apathetic may lack a sense of purpose or meaning in their life.
  • This in turns gives families a sense of purpose and connection and makes the family unit stronger.
  • His determination and sense of purpose also defined his future.
  • He called on the television industry to rediscover a sense of purpose.
  • Despite this there were signs of a new momentum and new sense of purpose.
  • However everyone was aware the band was struggling to maintain its sense of purpose.
  • Attempts to find happiness leaves him hopeless of ever finding his sense of purpose in America again.
  • This has shown to provide happiness and a larger sense of purpose for the individuals, even if for a short period of time.
  • He also used mythological images with a strong sense of purpose.
  • Religion, like spirituality, can provide people a sense of purpose or meaning through personal beliefs.
  • A Sense of Purpose has received generally positive reviews.
  • A lack of aggressiveness and sense of purpose in the wing had led to the change in command.
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