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  • Each party sent numerous aircraft types to support their sides in the conflict.
  • Even during that time she continued to send them to church.
  • Education was expanded and Japanese students were sent to study in the west.
  • She encouraged her young son to send his writing off from an early age.
  • Should a player score or be sent off, a drink must be taken.
  • Her father would send the couple money each month to help.
  • They sent some one to him to ask for more.
  • Many sent their children off to England to access quality education.
  • He states he will try to make enough money to send her back to Virginia.
  • Following the second reading, the bill is sent to a committee.
  • It continued to send back data for almost an hour.
  • The following year a score of vessels were sent to the island.
  • Each type of protein is usually sent to a particular part of the cell.
  • It was the largest force the British had ever sent outside of Europe at that time.
  • He sent copies of the book to leading political and military figures throughout Europe.
  • Some spaces on the track will advance the player while others will send him back.
  • A network must establish a connection before two parties can send cells to each other.
  • Following its passage in one House, the bill is sent to the other House.
  • He gave her bread and water and sent them away.
  • The two would send correspondence to each other as if they were the main characters.
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Meaning of send

  • verb Cause to go somewhere
    The explosion sent the car flying in the air, She sent her children to camp, He directed all his energies into his dissertation
  • verb To cause or order to be taken, directed, or transmitted to another place
    He had sent the dispatches downtown to the proper people and had slept
  • verb Transfer
    The spy sent the classified information off to Russia