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  • Any individual of the senatorial class could run for one of these offices.
  • His normal career as a young member of the senatorial class did not last long.
  • For the third time, he won the number one spot in the senatorial race.
  • Six years later, the same group of districts will hold its next senatorial elections.
  • They could not run for office, nor be admitted to the senatorial class.
  • However this plan was abandoned within a few years so that only one direct senatorial election was ever held.
  • Under the charge of his friend and a senatorial candidate, his mission is to set things straight.
  • Later, he became a member of the senatorial class who devoted themselves to a life of pleasure.
  • Brown is the only person to run in all three of Canada's elected senatorial elections.
  • The following year, he managed former governor Brown's brief senatorial campaign.
  • His family certainly did not belong to the upper senatorial class of Italy.
  • One-third of the provinces hold senatorial elections every two years.
  • According to some sources, he even kept his senatorial rank.
  • Among those he converted was a certain Alexander, a man of senatorial rank.
  • Among the conservative upper Senatorial classes, status was more important than the person in any sexual relationship.
  • The senate's members were representatives from the three groups and the king was the senatorial president.
  • He said he did not want a situation where one senatorial district in the state had a permanent hold on the position of governor.
  • At the end of his senatorial period, he returned to his private practice as a notary public.
  • She was born and raised in a senatorial family in Rome.
  • The state is divided into thirty-eight senatorial districts and seventy- five representative districts.
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Meaning of senatorial

  • adjective Of or relating to senators
    senatorial election