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  • The islands form a semicircular group with an open sea towards the east.
  • No light came from without, but there was a low semicircular window over the door. Cited from With Frederick the Great, A Story of the Seven Years' War, by G.A. Henty
  • The other two are entered from the east walls of the northern and southern semicircular wings.
  • Above the south door is a semicircular-headed window and above this a clock with a single hand.
  • Along each side of the church are two semicircular-headed windows.
  • There are semicircular windows on the sides of the entrance on the south-western side.
  • The car was little more than a floor with a waist-high semicircular guard in front.
  • Instead, the pair lie on their sides facing each other in a semicircular formation.
  • Above it is a large window with a semicircular upper portion.
  • Doors to either side of the bay provide access to the semicircular porch outside.
  • At the east end is a window with a semicircular head.
  • This early version was a semicircular platform supporting a building that possessed a single chamber.
  • But the married woman makes hers with a semicircular opening a few inches below the band. Cited from Russian Rambles, by Isabel F. Hapgood
  • The relief was installed in a semicircular space above the entrance to the building.
  • The south wall of the nave has two doors and two windows with semicircular heads.
  • They can come in various sizes from, and are most commonly semicircular.
  • The library is located at the northwestern end of the building complex in a semicircular building.
  • Two narrow windows separate them from a triple window with semicircular arch at the west end.
  • Many of the temples are in the form of five semicircular rooms connected at the centre.
  • Some end with a semicircular cromlech, but many have since fallen or been destroyed.
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