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  • The plant is semi-aquatic, often growing in water for part of the year.
  • They are often found near water and are sometimes semi-aquatic, but can also be found in trees.
  • It is a semi-aquatic animal that remains in the water most of the year.
  • This semi-aquatic life of the people is one of the most interesting features of the country. Cited from The Naturalist on the River Amazons by Henry Bates
  • However, the animal does not appear to have been semi-aquatic.
  • However, some are semi-aquatic, and a limited few are found in closed forest situations.
  • Some of these formerly-included groups are primarily terrestrial or semi-aquatic.
  • By two or three weeks of exploration they seem to have gained a clear idea of this rich semi-aquatic region. Cited from The Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 12, No. 69, July, 1863, by Various
  • This is a large order which contains many kinds of semi-aquatic and coastal birds.
  • As its name suggests, the Australian water dragon is associated with water and is semi-aquatic.
  • This semi-aquatic plant can be found growing in and around running water bodies such as streams and creeks.
  • The aquatic and semi-aquatic plants were chosen based on their previously known abilities for waste treatment.
  • This type of root is also known as the semi-aquatic root.
  • Their diet consisted of other semi-aquatic life forms.
  • They are both semi-aquatic and appear similar to ducks.
  • Adults of this species live near streams and rivers, and are semi-aquatic, both quite like their larvae.
  • Some species are terrestrial, some semi-aquatic, and others marine.
  • It is a semi-aquatic snake which spends much of its time in the water.
  • Being semi-aquatic it is very similar to modern crocodiles.
  • It is aquatic or semi-aquatic, growing floating in water or in wet land near water.
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