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  • It's probably selfish on my part to even say something like that.
  • He says he will no longer be selfish and fight to keep her alive.
  • They both have selfish interests and are very much in love with power.
  • He would not be able to help for the society as he might become selfish after marriage.
  • Both characters are very selfish but their tender side can also be seen.
  • They usually are good friends and good in nature, but not free of a selfish side.
  • He is selfish, bitter towards those who have little money and knows little about love.
  • Let D be the set of all non-selfish natural numbers.
  • The very selfish reason is if I wrote books I would be able to work at home.
  • Throughout much of her childhood and early life she was described as very selfish, thinking only of herself.
  • She is a very young girl who'll always fight for justice even though she may be a little selfish.
  • She claims to do everything for her husband but she does have a selfish desire for fame and power.
  • She is a very manipulative character and selfish when she ran after her men that she wanted.
  • However, close analysis reveals that he is not selfish when it comes to food.
  • The answer he gives is not just that the conservative tradition is selfish.
  • He is also hinted to be very selfish yet is a very kind person.
  • She has a selfish streak, often more concerned about her own needs than her family's.
  • But they became too proud of themselves and became selfish rulers of their kingdom.
  • Again, this kept true to her very selfish nature.
  • He gets used by political people for their selfish purposes.
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Meaning of selfish

  • adjective Concerned chiefly or only with yourself and your advantage to the exclusion of others
    Selfish men were...trying to make capital for themselves out of the sacred cause of civil rights"- Maria Weston Chapman