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  • Also, they provide a mechanism for teeth to be more self cleansing.
  • The new and modern idea of bodily self-cleansing is here effectually put in force and apparently with good health results. Cited from Ranching, Sport and Travel, by Thomas Carson
  • The marine environment has self-cleansing properties and naturally-occurring bacteria will act over time to remove oil from the sea.
  • They provide a spill way for food to escape during mastication which essentially aids in the self-cleansing process.
  • Most of the urban wastewater discharges occur into small streams with low flow and consequently, low capacity for self-cleansing.
  • Air bursts were officially described as "self-cleansing."
  • If the Church is to be saved, it can only be by her repudiation of such corruptions, and by a process of self cleansing that none can do for her. Cited from The Secret Chamber at Chad, by Evelyn Everett-Green
  • The aim is to produce a self-cleansing cavity, which becomes an invagination of oral tissues.
  • These manifestations indicate that the entire body is cleansing itself, throwing out impurities that have accumulated, because the system has had so much work to do that it has lacked the power to be self-cleansing. Cited from Maintaining Health, by R. L. Alsaker
  • President al-Assad rated Hijab's defection as rather positive by stating that it was "self-cleansing of the government firstly, and the country generally".
  • During late spring and early winter, the Polish Tatra Sheepdog sheds its undercoat profusely, but for the rest of the year it stays clean, due to its self-cleansing coat.
  • Despite its declared condemnation of pogroms in April 1941, when German official Reinhard Heydrich requested "self-cleansing actions" in June of that year the OUN organized militias who killed several thousand Jews in western Ukraine soon afterward that year.
  • In Automatic Self-Cleansing Filter Syndicate Co Ltd v Cuninghame, a shareholder sued the board for not following a resolution, carried with an ordinary majority of votes, to sell off the company's assets.
  • The vortex-flushing toilet bowl, which creates a self-cleansing effect, was invented by Thomas MacAvity Stewart of Saint John, New Brunswick in 1907.
  • By the abolishing of cess-pools, which were within the houses, and the substitution of water-closets, and with the introduction of tubular, self-cleansing house-drains, the mortality has been reduced to 13 in 1000. Cited from Draining for Profit: and Draining for Health, by George E. Waring
  • This policy of incitement to what the Nazis called "self-cleansing actions" was acknowledged to be a failure by Franz Walter Stahlecker, who, as chief of Einsatzgruppe A, was the Nazi's main killing expert in the Baltic states.